FLTMODE_CH does not show up in standard/advanced params in mission planner


I’m new to Ardupilot and I’m trying to configure my plane for its first flight. However, I can’t seem to find the FLTMODE_CH parameter in either the standard/advanced params lists. It does show up in the full parameter list and the full parameter tree, both showing that the flight mode is assigned to ch 8 (I need it assigned to either ch 5 or 6). From what I can tell, it should be a simple matter to reassign the channel, but I haven’t found others who have encountered this issue. Is it a firmware problem? Should I reinstall Mission Planner? Any help is appreciated.


Same here, and It seems that other functions are not working too, Can’t figure it out. Have reloade MP Regenerated the Parameters too and still not showing up.

Lots of variables here. What controller are you using? What version of the firmware? What version of MP? What parameters are you looking for?