Flower Dropping Drone

Hi guys,
I’m a newbie to open source
payload :5 kg
I am going to start my college project on f550 hexacopter by using apm2.8 and now I’m looking for suggestions to build it better. Like what are the motors and esc’s and so on…

Steer away from the APM as fast as possible - it’s extremely old tech andnot supported.
There are many better and even cheaper flight controllers now that will support many more features.
Be wary of the complete copter kits, they often come with cheap unreliable motors (with collet prop adapters) and ESCs and will end up being very difficult to get flying well.

Go through the lists of flight controllers and find something that you can obtain in your region, within your budget. Maybe a Holybro or Mateksys - there’s plenty to choose from.


Yell out if you need more help.
Maybe provide a link to the kit you were going to buy.

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Thanks for your suggestion,
I’m going to buy DJI Naza M Lite Multi-Rotor Flight Controller. and need to plan for other components.

You need one of the flight controllers supported by ardupilot. DJI Naza is NOT on that list. And you need ArduCopter firmware 4.4.1 or newer.

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Ok sir, can you tell any arudpilot flight controller for my project.I’m intermediate in mission planner.

Any board on that list will do. Cube Orange is a good option for beginners. No need to soder.

The DJI Naza is older than dirt. Don’t spend any money on one of them unless you’re a collector of old drone history.

Matek lists specifically their products that are ardupilot compatible. http://www.mateksys.com/?page_id=7637

The Cube Orange is great but will cost more than matek boards.

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Matek boards are great if you can soder.


I had compared many flight controller boards and select two board

  1. JIYI K++V2 Flight Controller
    2)Cube orange

Now I need to know which one is best?

Did you review the supported Flight Controllers in the link above? Did you find the JIYI unit on it?

Yes,I reviewed the above link and selected cube orange and other one flight controller is selected through my search.Thats why I asked if JIYI unit is compatible or not, Because k++ is used in many agriculture drones .

I’m not aware of any support for JIYI products. On other hand, the Cube Orange and Orange+ are very well supported and have become almost the de facto standard for demanding applications using ArduPilot firmware.

Out of curiosity, did you mean “Flour Dropping” in your original title, or are you after a solution for some sort of agricultural application for flower farming?

After comparing the many boards, I had picked one and start building the model and its not flour dropping drone it is flower droper. Instead of using the color gases as a payload ,I am using flowers and spray from the sky. Thats my project🙃