Floppy Antenna?

a few have said that their Antenna is floppy, in the blog someone also stated it separated from the PCB.

It doesn’t seems to want screw tight so I will open the top shell and see what’s up later today.

Careful screwing antennas too tight you can break the connectors. I’m not sure what your expectation of a comms module is??


It’s floppy enough to strike the prop. Turning it doesn’t seem to tighten it very well and as you say don’t over rotate or it could break.

Was just looking for guidance…


If you opened the top shell, you can try to tighten the antenna holding it by the rugged area. And if you need to rotate it, do it clockwise. Don’t forget to orient the antenna vertically.

Did that this AM… Actually had to swap the antenna with the ground station one as the part with ther red dot is what was lose.

Much better now !

Just wanted to add a +1 for this issue. Today the telemetry radio antenna tilted into the prop on landing after becoming loose in flight. I heard a tick-tick-tick sound and saw that the antenna was no longer oriented vertically. On landing the the prop caught the antenna and ripped out the jack along with it. Why place a articulated antenna where it could possibly contact the rotors?


  • move telemetry radio so the antenna connector is easily accessed
  • change antenna types perhaps
  • hot glue the antenna in the vertical position or place hot glue on the connector

My antenna got chopped by the prop on its first landing and it broke the top off.
It was auto landing, and managed to tip over, but it is a design flaw that if you have it vertical, following the instructions, then you can end up with it rotating into the prop… Not good :frowning:

I found that the swivel on the antennae on the copter is tight so it will unscrew itself & flop around. I removed the antennae them added some low torque loc-tite to the threads & now it stays tight & the antennae will swivel as it should.

This happened to me today too. I had tilted the antenna to the upright positions before launch, but sometime during the flight, it must have moved sideways, and I heard the tell-tale tick, tick, tick. I landed quickly, and when I went to tighten things up, I saw that the black antenna casing had cracked near the joint. I was able to secure the antenna once again, but apparently during all that commotion, the antenna had become loose from the transmitter. I noticed the antenna separating from IRIS! I once again landed quickly, and my buddy and I started searching for the antenna, which we were fortunate to find.

I’d be happy for any suggestions/advice to avoid this problem in the future. I think I may have to put some glue near the joint where the case had cracked.



Mmm it looks like 3DR admit it’s a design fault…
Take a look at the IRIS+ antenna location: