Floating/Docking Windows in Planner

When I un-dock the ‘Primary Flight Display’ it would be nice if this window were ‘TopMost’ so that when I minimize the main window, it stays on top. This is for FPV when another window is displaying the video. The workaround is to move the planner off the screen, but this is not convenient if you want to switch rapidly. Is there currently a way to make the floating/dock windows stay on top?

short answer is no, log answer is we could add a option for the PFD to always be on top.

Hello Bill,

Thanks for the reply.  So I decided to build the source myself and play with it, and got it working that way I wanted but it's a custom version that I will have to merge with your changes as the tip evolves, so I would like to propose merging the feature. There is config item called 'Keep PFD on Top', which if selected puts the PFD in a modeless dialog instead of the docking widget.  I also added some additional items to the PFD more like the original Mission Planner were you can select which items you want on the PFD, like the battery voltage and the current flight mode. When I am flying FPV, this is the only display I am interested in, as the video is taking up the entire display.  It looks from the code that you are working on some kind of customization feature using the qml files. Is that correct? If you need help on this I would be glad to contribute.  Also, I would like to add a feature where the video (streamed from Gstreamer, is in the PFD background, and it looks like there is some code for this, but no documentation on how to set it up. I can work on creating a gstreamer plug in if this is something that others might be interested in. For HD FPV, it would be a nice feature. That way, the PFD would not have to be floating in it's own window but would be a real HUD.

I have 30 years experience in c++ and .net, and some experience with Qt, but since it’s c++, it’s no problem.

Patrick Duffy


The PFD does have a beginnings of a feature to create a QML Element that can display video. And overlay the information onto. It’s written using QML, as that directly uses OpenG underneath and the will use the graphics chip to speed up the rendering.

If you want to make a submission that would be great. The procedure is to create a Pull Request. (I’m not sure if you know what that means, but more info here github.com/diydrones/apm_planne … IBUTING.md

If you want to talk about the details, you can email me (my email address is on my github profile)

Thanks Bill