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FlightDeck alternative for passtrough telemetry

stumbled on this thread…had to chuckle.
formats, protocols, are all free. If you spent the time to learn the LUA scripting language, spent months writing and testing the scripts…then built hardware to make it even easier to use… why wouldn’t you sell it.

If you prefer not to use C&R’s software (like myself…wrote my own) so be it. write your own. After you’ve spent 50 hrs playing with it to get it right… like it or not you’ll at least understand their point of view. direction.
Many people CAN’T write software (nor want to try) so they fill a need in the market place.
go check out lots of free scripts

You can chuckle as long as you want but since it appears that the purpose of your reply is to polemicize with me , I really do not have time time for that at least till you do not read and understand what I wrote,

Before I install this on my freshly perfectly configured x9d+… Will it interfere with Flightdeck if I already have that installed? It would be cool to run them side by side for a while. This looks like the solution to keep my entire system open sourced.

Just select the Yaapu Lua instead for the telemetry screen. I had the Flight Deck Lua hanging around on the Sdcard for awhile but deleted it eventually.

I’m very glad I found this. I built my octocopter from the ground up to be fully open sourced. Having the telemetry script available for anyone to review the source would seem to be the most important part of any open source based system. If anyone wants to collect data from our flying machines, surely the telemetry is the most important piece of information. Looking at reports of DJI drones falling out of the sky if trying to fly near Hong Kong is just an example of that in my opinion.

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