Flight simulation with Mission Planner and RealFlight 9 on two computers

I’m a newbe to this programming the Simulator firmware in Arducopter. My first question is, can you change the TCIP addressing so I can use two computers for Flight Simulation? I have been using one computer for Mission Planner windowed with Realflight 9 for some time now and want to setup one computer for Mission Planner and another computer for RealFlight 9 display. My second question pertains to what or how can you IP and PORT select for the two computers? Address works for both the Mission Planner and RealFlight 9 software packages to run on one/same computer. My desktop computer IP address is running Mission Planner and my Laptop addtess is running RealFlight 9. I can PORT each computer without problems.

I have been looking through all the documents on the WEB pertaining to ArduPilot and in particular the ArduCopter Flightaxis setup. Any help or suggestions would be helpful, thanks, YumaMike

In theory if you choose flightaxis in the model and add -M flightaxis: to the extra command line box, it will start the SITL with the necessary parameters. However I don’t know if the limited cygwin environment that runs the SITL binary will see outside ip addresses.

The sure solution (assuming you use windows 10) that you install WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and put a dev environment with ardupilot source code under it, then you can start SITL with any config (as per docu)

Very helpful information. I will try and get back. thanks, YumaMike


Your knowledge of ArduCopter is very good. I set up my computer systems and ran RealFlight 9 on one of them and Mission Planner on the other. As you can see the latency for the internet connection is 50-60 fps. This low Iatency causes the copter to shutter and wobble while in flight, need <50 around 100-150 is ideal. I setup all the recommended graphics settings as called for in the procedures, and this is the best I can get. All my computers are 4 years or older, might have to upgrade.

Set parameter SIM_SPEEDUP to 1.000000
Starting controller at 32.707430 -114.424697 alt=58.280000m hdg=0.000000
Starting sketch ‘ArduCopter’
Starting SITL input
Using Irlock at port : 9005
bind port 5760 for 0
Serial port 0 on TCP port 5760
bind port 5762 for 2
Serial port 2 on TCP port 5762
bind port 5763 for 3
Serial port 3 on TCP port 5763
Initial position 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
validate_structures:411: Validating structures
New connection on serial port 0
54.61/114.49 FPS avg=50.89
52.26/108.64 FPS avg=54.78
55.99/119.90 FPS avg=54.70
51.56/108.09 FPS avg=50.00
58.48/122.34 FPS avg=56.09
60.03/121.52 FPS avg=63.23
52.35/105.12 FPS avg=51.27
57.62/115.25 FPS avg=63.85
63.36/127.48 FPS avg=63.80
64.02/128.04 FPS avg=64.03
64.01/128.03 FPS avg=63.98
61.83/123.90 FPS avg=54.85

Screen shot of our RC Flight field here in Yuma, AZ. 85365. Our web page is http://www.Yumaaeromodelers.com
Thanks for the help, YumaMike

If you think that the cause of low fps is the net connection, you can try a wired ethernet connection instead of wifi, disable firewall and realtime virus protection (on both machines) also check processor and disk usage on machines if any of them is saturated then you have a machine performance problem, if not then it is something with the software config.

BTW, I still recommend to use the WSL solution, it is faster than cygwin and has better integration with windows, plus you have more freedom to play with the settings.