Flight planning - No polygon available

Hi all,

I have been using Mission planner successfully for a few years now. I have not flown for a while (6months) and recently updated the software. When I try set my polygon for a survey grid under flight plan (right click), I can no longer find the option to define the polygon. Has it been moved? Please help!

Many thanks


Click on this on the left top corner…

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Should also be under Polygon -> Draw a Polygon if you’re in the PLAN tab:

Fantastic! I dont know how I missed that! (facepalm!) Thank you!

I may as well push my luck now and see if do you perhaps know if it is possible to set the speed of a Survey mission on Q Ground Control? I want to use my iOS in the field instead of laptop but cant find the speed control.

Hi Saijin

That’s what I used to do, but the polygon option is no longer on the drop down list on the latest version, it is an icon in the corner as Andras mentioned.

I’m using the latest beta version :man_shrugging: