Flight planning issues: 500m limit, start from, and default?

Mission planner appears to have 500m limits for altitudes and buffer values, can this be enlarged or are others finding this limit?
Also, the “start from” option to pick Home, top left, top right, etc does not seem to work, it only ever starts from Home?
Finally, anyone found a way to have user defaults appear each time without selecting, specifically the camera, the default altitude, and the default sidelap and endlap?

I will add default saving, and increase the max alt.

what max alt did you have in mind?

typicly anything above 300m is agains faa rules.

Those changes would be outstanding.
I actually use Mission planner for both unmanned and manned flights, and the manned flights get to 18,000 ft. But a max altitude of 10,000 (or 9999m if limited to 4 digits) will cover about any usage. Although the USA may be limited to 122 m for 99.9% of us in the US, those with CofA’s and users in other countries may have much higher altitude limits, so it doesn’t seem to make too much sense to arbitrarily limit the software to low altitudes.
Also, if you are changing the altitude limit, changing the 500m limit for the overshoot’s would also be great, again 9999 would cover anything I can imagine. And having the bottom 5 ‘grid options’ default to the last used values would save effort and probably minimize errors from users who might forget to reset them to their preferred values.
Great Work!

Hi Michael,

I think resetting the limits to a higher altitude is a good idea since rules vary considerably from country to country and we are international.

I will put some additional warnings in the wiki regarding the 400 ft AGL FAA “rule” in the US and perhaps you could stick a small warning to that effect in an appropriate spot in Mission Planner, but I don’t think that should arbitrarily restrict user applications.

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ive removed most of these limits now to 9999.