Flight Planner - new function "search and replace"


I’m working with missions who are created in advanced. This helps me to be as efficient as possible on the field. But sometimes I need to adjust the flight altitude and the altitude mode (Terrain, Relative). It’s very time-consuming to modify every column individually. To improve this situation maybe a “search and replace” tool could be the way to go.

What you guys think about it? Maybe someone else have even better ideas…?


if its just alt, you can already do it. there is a “modify alt” option in the right click menu

I use to use trajectories with two different heights waypoints. To modify them easily I edit the waypoints file directly, with a column selection editor (Geany, Textpad…).

Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

I have seen that some values will be negative if I reduce the altitude… But I assume that those negative values will be ignore by the flight controller?

And for modifying the altitude mode all at once. Will be there a option in the future? It would be very nice if we can modify the mission in a easy way directly in the mission planner flight tab.