Flight plan tab => SLOOOOOW

Is anyone else having an issue where MP works just fine and dandy unless you open the flight planning tab, but after that it gets really slow?

This is what I am seeing every time, screen updates after opening the flight planning tab are few and far between on the flight data tab, and everything about the flight planning tab is super slow, often every click results in a (no response) indication on the title bar for a few seconds. So I end up making and loading flight plans then closing MP and rebooting and reconnecting to the aircraft before I can fly.

what hardware are you running on? flightplanner does very little processing. so i need more information.

Dell Precision M4700 Laptop, Windows 10 Pro, Intel i7-3740QM, 8gb ram, 2TB internal disk drive 3/4 empty

I have lately discovered it seems to also be dependant on the size of the Mission. Plans that are ~12 WPs don’t seem to lock it up, but when I’ve got complex plans around ~21 wps, with jumps, and speed changes it wants to almost lock up. Unfortunately ‘.waypoints’ files can’t be uploaded…

can you give me a sample mission that shows the issue?

rename the waypoint file to .txt and upload

Okay, good idea. Here it is.

A little primer on whats going on here. We are flying a vtol plane and it has a companion computer that will sequence from the VTOL LAND (Item 8) command to the next VTOL TAKEOFF (item 9) if the Do_Set_ROI (item 22) point is present there as well.

The jumps allow us to do several loops at altitude before descending in the final loop’s base turn to transition back to vtol at a lower altitude.

This one is actually a little simpler than some which include things like speed changes in the final turn as well.

2018-12-12 3 sn0 gaf sewp a2b2a.txt (2.0 KB)

The root cause is the cascade do jumps. but looking more into it

your 31 waypoints expand to 921 points with the do jumps

on wp 21 can you change your repeat count from 99 to -1.

-1 = loop forever. since this seems to be your intent.

ive just uploaded a new beta MP. that will improve the performance on the original case. however the “-1” solution will still work as well.

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Awesome! The -1 is exactly what we needed there in that last section. I had a nagging idea that it was something to do with the loops and it makes sense if MP views the loops extrapolated out.

Thanks for your help!