Flight Plan sets waypoints thousands of miles away?

When I attempt to set up a flight plan, it seems that when I add a line below the last line shown in the plan, it creates it at a waypoint thousands of miles away.

Is there a way to tell MP that my geographic region is based at my actual location in NJ?



Hi Paul,

Adding a line below without clicking on the map will add a empty line, which doesn’t hold “valid” LAT, en LON information
LAT en LON is zero which indicates a location somewhere in the sea before Africa…

Usually you plan your mission from the GPS location of your Drone.

If you link up with Missionplanner (the drone) than the GPS coordinates will be used to create a MAP on the Mission page.
On this map you can create the Waypoint by clicking Waypoint markers.

Hopes this helps ?


The Add Below function is typically used for non Waypoint coordinate specific commands like Takeoff, Land, conditionals, etc. If “Waypoint” is the command it will enter 0,0 for Lat/Long putting it in the South Atlantic off the coast of Africa where that coordinate is located.

Thanks for the explanation Dave.

I noticed that when I manually invoke a RTL command the aircraft comes back to the home position, loiters for a small amount of time, then proceeds to land by itself.

Do I really need to add the LAND command at the end of a mission?


Paul-No, RTL to 0 altitude is fine if your intention is to land where you armed and established home. I fly one way missions on occasion which require a Land command at a waypoint other than home so I typically just use that same strategy for any Mission. Also, the action for RTL is driven by other parameters which can be a consideration for how you want to end your mission.

Thanks again Dave. Paul

I am not having any luck adding anything “Below” except a waypoint.
I don’t see any way to change the command before hand.
When I do click “Add Below” I get a WP near Africa like Erik. How to stop this?

My first leg is always dashed and my last leg is always dashed, how to stop this as well??

It adds “Waypoint” as default, just change it to whatever function you are trying to add with the pull down menu. Select Waypoints by clicking on the map. For other functions (Land, Takeoff, Do commands, etc) use “Add below” and then change it from “Waypoint” to the command you want.