"Flight Plan -> Map Tool -> Rotate Map" doesn't work

Dear all,

thanks for developing MP, this is a very nice tool!

I want to use the MP for survey purposes and have the following issue (1.2.93 build, 1.1.5131.36508):

I define a survey polygon that is a square at 45deg orientation with respect to the north-south / west-east background grid.

I now want to rotate the background map by 45deg via “Map Tool -> Rotate Map” (so that I get via “Auto WP-> Survey (Grid)” a flight path that is parallel to the outlines of my polygon, which has less turns for the copter/plane, is easier to process for photogrammetry, etc.).

I get to the “Rotate map to heading” GUI that tells me to “Enter new UP heading” – what I do (e.g., 45deg).

But nothing happens.

Is this a bug? Or did I misunderstand the purpose of the “Rotate Map” feature? (I couldn’t find any documentation about this feature.)


PS: it would be good if the “Rotate map to heading” GUI would say that one should enter values in degree, i.e., unit between 0-360.

in the survey grid you can change the angle using the up down selection box,so there I no need to rotate the map. however I will look into it not working.

Thanks! Can you give me a pointer where I find this up down selection box ? It doesn’t appear to be in the “Auto WP -> Survey (Grid)” GUI, is it?


Does anybody else know about this “up down selection box” and would be able to give me a hint? Or is this a feature of a past version of the software? Thanks, Bjoern