Flight Modes

Hi all,

Firstly thanks to all the dev team and testers for this project… I actually have a working Quadcopter! :smiley:
Following all the amazing guidance, I got it built from parts, and my Compassmot down from 320% to 3% - hopefully avoiding another crash… lol!
Anyway, I have just installed Mission planner 1.2.97 and firmware V3.1.2, which I gather are the latest. The only oddity is that I now have ‘OF_loiter mode’ …I can see no mention of this anywhere… any ideas??


I believe that is loiter done with an optical flow sensor (camera-like motion sensing device) as opposed or in conjunction with a GPS.

I’ve never bought the camera, but read somewhere that OF loiter doesn’t work well anyway.

Yes, That is the Optical Flow Loiter.
This is referenced here at the bottom of the page. I guess it’s a place holder for the future option.

aha…! thanks guys… mystery solved… :slight_smile: