Flight Modes Radiolink AT10 don't match Mission Planner

Flight Modes on Remote 3 X 2 switch 6 mode Radiolink AT10 Remote Dont match Mission Planner. Ardupilot FC Tarot 690 PRO, 750kv Hexacopter X configuration. I originally programmed them in the remote with YouTube video setting the progressively higher % to get to each mode. Mission Planner was then loaded ,trying several ways to sync MP and the AT10 Remote, both up should be stabilize ,MP says Alt hold, position 2 remote says All Hold, MP says Circle, anybody? Do I need to do a default with remote and go from scratch? Driving me bonkers as alt hold running circle is a bad Thing!

Got it,figured out how to manipulate the cursor wheel.duh…
Channel 7 is autotune correct. 8 is my retracts Rana line from reciever to FC on channel 7 went into position hold and tried 7 at full , no reaction, is that correct?