Flight modes not switching?

I can’t get flight modes to switch in MP. I know the radio connects properly because I can see the value of channel 5 changing when I flip the switch on my radio. But on the MP modes display there is no change when I change the switch (both the data screen and the setup screen have no change).

I’m using an APM2.8 controller.

A clue seems to be that there is no channel listed on the MP modes screen where it apparently should have a “5”. I also noticed that there is no FLTMODE_CH parameter in the list of parameters.

Had the same problem!! For me it was a ui rendering glitch, try to fly and see, maybe it’s actually changing, just not showing in mission planner, another way to see is in the failsafe tab in mission planner, there it gets it directly, so try that!

Thanks for the idea. I tried all the screens I could find that indicate flying mode and none seemed to respond with the switch. After that I found a thread in this forum with a similar problem. I un-installed Mission Planner and installed version 1.3.70 of Mission Planner. Now the modes change as expected.

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I’ve had this problem with older firmware versions and recent MP versions. Sometimes you can also check the flight mode in the lower right corner of the artificial horizon screen.

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I had this issue and it turned out it my Ch5 Mixes were not configured correctly in my Taranis.