Flight modes messed up after upgraded to copter 3.4.6

After upgrading my Pixhawk (the regular version) to copter 3.4.6 for my quad, the 6 flight modes are all messed up. This is the first time I encounter this. All the way since I upgrade from Copter 2.8 to Copter 3.2, the flight modes (Tx is Spektrum DX7S) remain unchanged with the PWM of each mode stay in the middle of each flight mode PWM range.
When I revert back to Copter 3.2, things did not change. Anyone encounter the same situation ?


I’m new to AC, so I have nothing to compare to.
But from my taranis with a evenly spaced 6position logical switch channel, it is missing flight mode 2 & 5.
Switching to mode 2 on the tx, mission planner will show mode 1. Switching to 5, mp shows 6.

I guess for I can try “re space” the discrete points on the taranis side.

For reference, this is on a PixRacer.

You need to make those 6 positions output - 60, - 40, - 20, 20, 40, 60. You can do this by many means on the Taranis. Easiest way to explain is to create a 6 positions curve and attach this to an input you can name mode - then use this as an input for ch5 in the mixer. Can also use flight modes screen in Taranis to assign values to gVars and again assign the gvar as the weight value for an input you configure called mode and use this input in your ch5 mixer.

Hi Paul,
My Tx is Spektrum Dx7s, so cannot comment on Taranis Tx.