Flight Modes Issue

Hello everyone,

I am not able to implement Flight Modes after several trials.

Basically I did what mentioned in the tutorial here https://youtu.be/xvEdjkYWhFw

I had inserted the switch SC in the CH5 (Mixer). Input 05 --> 100 SC.

But when I am into Mission Planner --> Flight Modes, SC switch is NOT moving any Flight Modes.

In the Transmitter SC seems working (with arrow up, arrow down)…

Do I need to modify something in the Transmitter (maybe Flight Modes? now everything is :zero)

Or what I need to modify?

Thanks. Regards.

Did you set the Flight mode channel to 5? By default its 8. MODE_CH parameter…

Checked. Mode_CH is 8

Do I need to modify MODE5? Now is 1…

Chanell 8 is default for modes in Ardurover. If you want to use channel 5 for modes change the MODE_CH parameter to 5.