Flight Modes in GRAPHS


In Win Mission Planner I had by default the different flight modes plotted in the GRAPH feature when viewing .log, but in APM Planner 2 I can’t get them to show. Any ideas?

Really miss them when trying to post process a bunch of flights. :cry:

Its fixed in the next release. See pre release build at firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/APMPlanner/daily/

Really great with the Daily-versions! And thanks for quick replies!

No problem. If its not fixed lets us know ASAP. Anybody testing a daily for fixes is appreciated, and is a sure fire way to get the fixes you want sooner. (We value our testers :slight_smile: )

Still cant see the flight mode announciations in graph view for apm_planner_2.0.9-17-ge111af6_osx.dmg

Ticked “Mode” under Mode on and off with no luck.

And the testers value the developers big time !! :slight_smile:

This is working now, please try 2.0.10 or the latest daily and let us now if its not working for you. Thx

YES i saw it! Wonderful, thanks alot!

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