Flight Modes for ArduBoat

Previously I used ArduRover on ground without any problem. Now I have a question about see vehicle (almost classic one: rudder and motor. But the motor is in discrete mode).
I know that setting the FRAME_CLASS = 2 parameter will turn the vehicle to boat. But as I can see the ArduBoat Flight Modes are completely different from ArduRover.
So the questions are:

  1. Where can I read about each of the Flight Modes of ArduBoat? They are ± the same for ArduPlane
  2. What is an equivalent of STEERING mode in ArduRover for ArduBoat?


Checked QGroundControl - ArduBoat has the same FlightModes as ArduRover.
So updated MissionPlanner to 1.3.56 and now flight modes are displayed/switched correcly.

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great, glad it’s all sorted.

I had the same problem until I updated Mission Planner.