Flight Modes besides stabilize copter drops until stabilize selected again

I have read several posts about motors disarming when other modes are selected. Mine dropped about 150’ before I got it to re arm and narrowly escaped a 300’ dive towards the ashpalt,only damage a bent landing skid. Running copter 3.4 . Does it matter my mission planner is a version 3.2? .

Please post the log, otherwise we can’t help.

You should update MP because recent versions will better support Copter 3.4, but it shouldn’t interfere with flight behavior.

I haven’t begun to even figure out the log part of it. I am not confident enough to repeat the event in the air after barely surviving a 200 ’ plummet before rearming midair,scary.

You don’t need to repeat it, just download the log from the SD card, or did you fly without one?

We can’t help analyze what happened to you without a log. This obviously isn’t a recurring event as we have many people flying 3.4 without any issue.

What Is the device called that saves to sim card is it all on my laptop or does the drone get a sd reader/writer?