Flight modes are not switching

I have ExpressLRS receiver, FLTMODE_CH is set to channel 6, as you can see rc works, flight mode is highlighted in MP but as you can see it’s not changing…

Any ideas?

Have you clicked the save button below the flight mode selections?

Do you have LOITER mode assigned to another switch function?

You are toggling the switch somewhat rapidly, and it takes a moment for the selected mode to be reported on the GCS.

sure, they’re saved long time ago =)
it also doesn’t change flight mode in air…

Save a copy of your parameters and attach it to your next post. I think you may have LOITER mode assigned to another switch, which could be overriding your mode channel.

i’ll upload it at morning, but that’s very weird…

That’s why we should have a closer look!

Nothing to see in that video.

zzz.param (16.6 KB)

No any other channel is set to change flight modes…

You can see that flight mode is not changing))

You changed the default Flight Mode Chanel to 6 and have a Relay Option on 6.
I would avoid Chan 6 if you have others to use. It has a special tuning function you might want to use later.

Thank you =) Missed that