Flight Mode Two Channels

Im using QGroundcntrol for my Pixhawk. During radio calibration it uses both channel 5 and 6 as flight mode channels on one switch. This means i loose a channel (and a switch) to do other things. Any ideas?

There is no reason to use more than one channel for mode. I guess you are misunderstanding something

Hi Alex,

What radio and receiver are you using? How did you set it up?

Only channel 5 is used for flight mode switching, that channel 6 does nothing by default I think (usually used for tuning)

Im using a cheap Flysky 8 channel FSi6X which has worked well for everything else I fly. The Pixhawk and receiver combo maps two channels to Switch B during the calibration procedure in QGroundcontrol. So when i use Switch B I can see that it activates Channel 5 and 6 and I loose the functionality of Switch C. RM

I may have missed a code change, but last I checked multi-channel mode switch was a px4 thing, not ArduPilot. Flash ardupilot, put a mix on your switches and you should get your channel back. If you only need 3 modes, don’t worry about the mix. But put ArduPilot on the flight controller - we won’t know how to help you otherwise!