Flight mode text - GONE?!

Have any of you seen mission planner not display text in the flight mode boxes in:
Initial Setup/Flight Modes

It also says at the top:

Current Mode: Unknown

When I click to the side of the box to get the drop down list to select, it just shows a black box - no text.

I don’t know how to see and then select the flight modes to setup my different flight modes.

Please help if you can. This is all new to me, I just got my first drone this week (3DR X8) and would like to set it up properly.

Thank you

Here is the screenshot that shows the problem - no text (ie. stabilize, loiter, RTL, etc.)

It also shows that I clicked on flight mode 1 drop down list. All that happened was a black box below with still no text.

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Load up mission planner
Press “ctrl” + "f"
Click on "Param gen"
Leave it a minute or so to download up to date file
Restart mission planner

Fixes a few MP planner problems that crop up.

Thanks MarkM for the tip.

Unfortunately for me, it did not work. When I clicked on the Param gen, the green box turned a little darker, indicating that I did indeed click on it. However I did not see that it was downloading anything. After about 10 seconds, the green box returned to the same shade as the other boxes. Having zero experience with this, I do not know if this means it downloaded or did not. Either way, the missing text/drop down boxes do not work.

I have found some other screens where the drop down boxes do not show any text either. On the same screens though, I have found some text boxes (that already have text in them) that can be clicked on and the drop down box shows multiple options in text.

Well I found a solution…

I used a Windows 8 laptop (wife’s).

Downloaded Mission Planner and it worked!! I can see text in the boxes and can now program the flight modes!

I was trying to use Mission Planner on my desktop that is running Windows XP SP3. I would still like to use MP on the Win XP computer though. Is mission planner not compatible with Win XP?

I finally got to fly my X8 and successfully changed flight modes in the air. Yes!!

Have you tried uninstalling and downloading it again from - ardupilot.com/downloads/?did=82

Thanks MarkM. I had the same problem. Your tip worked in my case. Got in Full Parameter list Units, Options and Desc texts also what I was missing before. Awesome! I am running MP 1.3.30, ArduRover 2.50 on Win7 32 bit

lazflyn - before I got it fixed I used to change flight modes by altering the flight mode (MODE1, MODE2 etc) values manually in Full Parameter List. The appropriate parameter values can be found at http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/configuration/arducopter-parameters/#Complete-Parameter-List

lazflyn - sorry, for copter the flight mode commands seem to be FLTMODE1, FLTMODE2 etc

I have the same problem. No text in the dropdown lists for flight modes. I have tried the “Ctrl+f” trick but then mission planner hangs and i have to kill it in Task Manager.
Have also tried to download the latest MP and reinstall, but still no luck.
I have not used the MP the last half year and before starting to use it now, I upgraded. Have never had this problem in earlier versions.
Any more hints, anyone?

Fortunately, I had an older verson; 1.2.78. Installed that and the dropdown list is ok.