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Flight mode switching between FBWA and Manual on its own

Currently running a PixHawk Cube Blue with firmware 3.9.1 and ran into the issue where the mode will automatically switch between manual and fbwa when it should be in fbwa. Current hardware for the setup is the following:

  • PixHawk Cube Blue
  • DragonLink V3
  • Mission Planner
  • Taranis x9d+

To better describe the issue, I have 3 modes configured to switch SE on the transmitter. Manual, FBWA, Auto. I’ve flown the airplane and others with the exact configuration previously without issue. Now OCCASIONALLY when I switch into manual it will immediately switch back to fbwa, or even jump between the two modes at roughly a 1s interval. Looking at the flight modes tab in mission planner, the ranges are correct and the channel 5 PWM is at 1755 when the switch position is in manual, sitting within the boundary for how I’ve setup manual mode. If the mode changes automatically back to FBWA the PWM signal stays the same at 1755. I’ve tried restarting, mission planner, the radio, the airplane, and using a different transmitter I have the same issue.

Any ideas on where to go from here?

please do post a log, it makes helping much easier.

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