Flight mode switch

Hey all, I have just finished my fixed wing aircraft and when I went to start it up and begin setup of the board I could not get the flight mode switch to change in the ‘Flight Mode’ tab. When I went into the radio calibration page it showed the switch I had selected as operational and registering 3 different signals which should allow it to register on the flight mode page. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. im using an Fr Sky Horus X12S with a X8R long range receiver of a PPM encoder.

You know you can plug the X8R receiver SBus output to the RCIN port on the PixHawk? And if you bind the receiver in D16 mode you’ll get 16 channels. Many users go with this config without any issues.

What channel are you using for the flight mode change switch?
Been a while since I used the plane firmware but I know it used to default the flight mode to Channel 7

the wiki is our friend

by default CH5 is used for flight modes on Copter, and 7 on Plane but that can be changed by users