Flight Mode Setup on a Spektrum DX9

I’m working my way through the configuration of Pixhawk on an airplane. I’m stuck on setting up the flight modes using a Spektrum DX9. It appears that MP defaults the flight modes to channel 8, which on the DX9 is the Aux3 channel which is controlled by the Right Knob on top of the transmitter. With the knob I can get six flight modes, but changing modes with a knob is not ideal.

I would prefer to use Switches A and B to control the flight modes. Switch A is a two position switch on the DX 9 and Switch B has three positions. These two switches as close to each other and can easily be manipulated with one finger. I understand that when you setup a DX9 as an airplane you will be limited to only five flight modes. Five modes will be fine for now

Any help configuring the flight mode switches and any mixing I have to set would be greatly appreciated.



On that radio the channels are not restricted to any switches.

I had one of those radios and used 2 switches to access the 6 flight modes.

I vaguely remember I did it using channel mixes.

A quick search returns this

Thanks for your help. I still don’t have it working. My output is on Aux3, so I made three mixes for Aux3 > Aux3. I assigned Aux3 to Aux3 in the RX Port Assignments, and I assigned Aux3 to Switch A in the Channel Input Configuration screen. Do you have screen shots of the RX Port Assignments and Channel Input Configuration?

Also, is there a formula I can use to properly set the rate percentages to the target Pulse widths, or is strictly done by trial and error. When I view this in MP, I can toggle between Flight mode 1 and 6 by moving switch A, but changing Switch D does not produce more flight modes.