Flight Mode Settings

PixHawk/Firmware 3.3 RC8

I have setup in Mission Planner my 6 Flight Modes, they are;

  1. Stabilize
  2. Loiter
  3. RTL
  4. Alt-Hold
  5. Auto

I have my RC setup using a FutabaT8FG;

Switch SF a 2 Pos.
Switch SE a 3 Pos

As outline in the APM Flight Modes instructions for the T8FG RC.

Switches On Channel 5 SE , SF is in Switch Mixer

Channel 7-8 is being used for a Retractable Gear and Gimble Pitch off the Futaba Receiver R6208SB.

The problem is it makes no difference what position I move SF and SE in Mission Planner it only shows the;

  1. Loiter
  2. Alt-Hold
  3. Pos-Hold

And not the ;

  1. Stabilize
  2. RTL
  3. Auto

What am I doing wrong ?

This URL explains the Flight Mode Setup in Futaba T8FG RC.

diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/acm … super-mode



No suggestions, as I use Spektrum radios, and whatever it is that comes with the Iris+. It took me at least an hour for me to figure it out on my rigs. Then you have to decide which switchs you want to use, etc. etc. BUT, you’ll get it. Then figure out channels 7 and 8 on Mission Planner! One of the Futaba guys will chime in, I’m sure. :wink:

I don’t want to use channels 7-8 because they are dedicate off my RC Receiver for Gimble and Retractable landing gear.

I’m using S-Bus to Pixhawk RC and that is working very good.

I don’t own a Futaba radio, but what you need to do is mix both switches, so that you can have the desired 6 flight modes.

That’s how I’ve done with my Taranis Plus Radio, I have 6 flight modes all working fine. Once you’ve done the mixing, you will need to do another radio calibration.

I would suggest doing a look up on “Futaba Switch Mixing” Or something along the lines.