Flight Mode Changes not writing to Pixhawk

Hi all

I am new to MP & Pixhawk so apologies in advance this this is a stupid question but

In Mission Planner when setting up the Flight modes, after setting the three modes i want against each chanel used ie Stability, loiter and RTL when I select write parameters I get an error message saying unable to write parameters, but if I go into the advance section i can change them there and they write fine.

I get the same regardless of a USB or Wireless connection.

Obviously not a big issue as I can do it from the advance page but was wondering if anyone knew why it will not do it on the basic setup page.

Thanks for any help with this


ive got no idea why it would fail on one, and work on the other.

you are connecting to ardupilot?

Confirm weather your SD card is properly inserted.
If yes, try to change that card and try with a new one.