Flight mode changed unintentionally during flight 4.1.5

I don’t know this is the bug or what i noticed it few times that during flight the buzzer sounds like when we change modes but i wasn’t sure at that time so today i was flying checking vibration in stablize mode the heli didn’t have gps attached today so i was flying it in LOS and i heard buzzer beep long beep and i immediately in panic landed the heli and let the heli armed at the ground to see if it will beep again and it didn’t then i pull out the log and checked that it tried to switch to loitor mode but failed and on rc in i can see there was actually a channel input for loitor command which i didn’t press my fingers were only on stick i was flying in stablize mode dont know how how this happened it also had happened when there was gps attached but i dont have logs for that time this is very concerning what if it accidentally disarm itself in the air my whole setup would be trashed pls anyone on this help @bnsgeyer @amilcarlucas

Channel 5 is a 3 position switch used to change modes from stablize to loitor

Send on-board log.
We can find the root cause.

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This is log for this thread pls have a look at this
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No mode change in this flight.
You tried to put the vehicle in loiter mode but that mode requires a GPS module attached.
The sound you heard is the mode change failed sound.

But i didn’t changed the modes at all by myself infact my finger was not even touching the switches is it possible that’s the radio did is is this a radio problem or what