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"Flight mode change failed" error when switching to Auto

I am building an autonomous boat using Ardurover. Whenever I attempt to switch to Auto mode I get this message and the flight mode fails to change. What could be wrong? I created a mission and uploaded it to my boat. The flight controller arms and doesn’t report any problems.


It’s most likely that it doesn’t have a good GPS lock, or more accurately, the EKF doesn’t have a good position estimate. It’s also possible for the EKF to become unhappy if it has a bad compass heading.

The other somewhat unlikely possibility is a badly formatted mission. It was uploading using the Mission Planner?

If you have a dataflash log we can take a look but it’s almost guaranteed to be a bad GPS position.

Hi Nigel,

Did you solve the problem?

Why don’t you follow these process:

  1. mode GUIDED,
  2. arm throttle,
  3. mode AUTO


Did you end up finding a solution if so please share as I’m having this exact issue

I’m getting the same error “Flight Note Change Failed”. I have rtk Fixed so I wouldn’t know what to diagnose or debug… @tridge would you offer a suggestion?? log7.bin (355.9 KB)

Have not learnt how to read logs yet but have you made a mission task as it needs to be ready and click write wp.
Can you see the flight modes change when flipping the 3 stage switch on your RC.have you made all the calibrations.

Nevermind. I had AHRS_EKF_TYPE wrong (had set it to 3 when experimenting earlier today; set it back to 2 and all is fine).

I encountered the same problem, please solve the problem of the owner, can you tell me how to solve it?

i have same problem but i have a good gps. gps value is 3

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