Flight mode can not be changed

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to configure my Pixhawk but i have an issue with flight moding.

I have changed and saved the flight modes in the configuration tab and when I use the switch on the radio controller, I can see the green indicator moving between the right modes. However, in the flight data tab the indicated modes are wrong. For instance instead of “Manual” at flight mode 1, the mode is “Stabilize” on the flight data screen.

Ive tried to save the parameters to a file, reboot the pixhawk and reconfigure it from the saved parameter list, but nothing has changed.

I would be glad if someone can help me with the issue.

Best regards,

Firmware: Arduplane 4.0.0
Hardware: Pixhawk 1
You can find the parameter list attached.
frankenstein_param_list_1.param (17.7 KB)