Flight Mode 6 stuck at manual

On MP and using ArduPlane, Flight Mode 6 is grayed out and defaults to Manual.


The value change be changed in the Config Tab and changing the value to 2 for stabilize, and the value sticks until the next change or save of Flight Mode settings. Then the value defaults back to manual.

Why, and what is the remedy?


My understanding is this was by design in MP as a safety measure. The rational being that every Plane should have Manual mode available from RC. Manual mode is often the only way to recover from a spin or a flight computer failure.
You can override it by going directly to the parameters and not using the MP mode setup GUI.

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Thanks for the insight on the logic behind the default, which makes sense. And I did find that the setting can be changed in the params.


this is because in apm2 days that mode was always manual, ie had a hardware mux that could not be overridden. I don’t plan on changing it in the short term, as there is still a large apm2 user base.


There are earlier versions of MP wherein that is not the case, correct? What version did this change?