Flight log analysis help

Hello.may somebody help me with my flight log analysis please?Somethink happend in auto mission when copter returning to home.thank you.

Your vibrations levels are excessive with a huge accumulation of accel clipping events on 2 axis.

Ok.thanks.do you think is coming from propellers or is it anythink else?i have there very soft dumpened gimbal.if you can recognize it from graph.

It could be props. Did you balance them?

So tell use EXACTLY what happened.

Not yet.they are advised as no need balance.but i will after this issue.and can you see diferent when i fly in loiter?vibes are lower.i think.in auto landing gears where retracted and in loiter deployed.its only change in flight.OldGazer nothink bad happend this time lol

Yes, they are high in Loiter also realizing you are only hovering with no forward speed. How is the Flight Controller mounted? I’ll take a guess and say with the double sided foam tape it came with?

Exactly.Cube Orange.frame 960,motors 340kv,1855 props.

Only a beginner myself, so not much experience, but I just evaluated some vibration problems and found that vibrations are direcly related to forward speed (probably aerodynamic vibrations). Try to make graph to see relation between speed and vibrations. I had serious problems (GPS glitches, EKFINAV failsafe) with Vibe Z reaching ~25 units and you have ~50 units.
I’m afraid with such a huge props you can’t reduce nor effectively dampen vibrations. :frowning_face:
Huge props with small pitch are effective, but they can’t fly very fast and create a lot of vibrations.
Just what I know…

I agree with you.i expect vibrations on this setup.i will balance props and add sime jelly dumpers.keep them lowest i can.i see what happen then.