Flight data map > increase refresh rate?

Hi there,

Is there a way to increase the refresh rate of the flight data map in Mission Planner?

My receiver (alpha polaris) and pixhawk (2.4.8) are both set to 10hz. This is also reflected by refresh rate if HUD and telemetry data (values changing rapidly). However, the drone icon on the map is very laggy at 1-2 hz. Was wondering if this can be changed. Tried a lot of settings and looked in the forums but can’t find it.



currently it is not possible. the default is 1.2 seconds.

i can look at adding an option, but it uses alot more cpu, and when you have a laptop out in the field. battery life matters

Hi Micheal,

Thank you sir.

For me the advantage of an increased refresh rate of the flight data map would out way the disadvantage of higher CPU usage. I always have a power station in the field.

Would it be a lot of work to add the option to increase the refresh rate?

Or could you perhaps point me in the right direction of how to change this in the code myself? I have limited coding knowledge, but have some friends who are programmers.

Much appreciated.


goto my document > mission planner > config.xml
open this file, and look for FD_MapUpdateDelay, and change this value to say 0.5. the number is in seconds.

you will need to be running MP beta


Last week I went to the “Help” page of Mission Planner" and ran “Search for Beta Updates” to download the latest beta version of MP to enable the refresh rate at 0.5 s (as per Michael’s instructions, who said you need MP beta).

Then I went to my document > mission planner > config.xml and opened the file to change the value to 0.5 s on the string “FD_MapUpdateDelay”, but to my amazement there is no FD_MapUpdateDelay string in my config.xml file! Why not?

I also tried searching the string with the search (using multiple keywords); nothing, no presence of the string “FD_MapUpdateDelay”.