Flight Controllers Won't Calibrate with AT Firmware

I’ve tried 3 different FC’s with the current Tracker software and none of them will calibrate. The Docs say they should calibrate the same as any other firmware but they won’t. I’ve loaded Tri. Quad and Hexcoter platforms and they all calibrate just fine. It’s only the antenna Tracker platform that won’t. Is there something different I need to do?

you need to disarm. Tracker is armed at boot.

Do you mean with the safety switch? This is in the Disarmed position and the screen says Disarmed. I’m still getting the disarm notice when I try to calibrate the accelerometer and nothing at all happens when I try to calibrate the compass.

Also try to put the tracker in STOP mode.

I figured it out, (with a little help). On the page labeled "DATA’. There is a sub-menu called “Actions”. You need to change “AUTO” to "STOP and hit the “Set Mode” button before anything can be calibrated. Now all I need to do is get it to connect with the radios and track. Thanks for the help so far. I’ll probably need more.

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