Flight controller won't stay connected after firmware update

I had 4.1.0 firmware installed and working fine on my F765-WSE
I updated mission planner to the latest.
Then mission planner connected successfully to the F765-WSE and updated to plane 4.2.3 for F765-SE using mission planner
I observed no errors and progress bar all the way at 100%
I then physically disconnected the F765-WSE and plugged it back in again.

The F765-WSE would stay in the correct mode of solid red LED + flashing blue LED only for a few seconds before automatically disconnecting from the PC and going into normal flight mode.

During this brief, temporary time when the board connects successfully, I observe “Found board type 143 brdrev 0 brev 5 fwmax 1998848 chip 10016451 chipdes STM32F7[6|7]x,Z on COM6”

The board would soon automatically disconnect itself.

How do I resolve this?

Here is a video of the issue. If you turn the volume up, you can her the USB connect and disconnect sounds, corresponding with the flight controller changing modes.

change away from the firmware screen. plugging in a device while on the firmware screen holds it in bootloader mode. the fix is to just not be on that screen when you plug it in

I wish that was the issue but it isn’t. I can reproduce the issue no matter what mission planner screen I’m on and regardless of whether or not mission planner is even open. Flight controller actually goes into the right mode for a few seconds and then switches over to the same mode it’s in when it’s not plugged into USB. I also hear the USB disconnect sound. This is all using the same exact setup that was working minutes before updating the firmware.

@Michael_Oborne Here is a video of the issue. Mission planner is closed. What is the solution?

MP is connecting to the controller now.

I don’t know what device is connecting, then disconnecting, on initial boot up, but MP still connects to the flight controller. The issue was that MP wasn’t finding, or listing, the correct port.