Flight Controller Suggestion

Hello everyone,
I want to buy an FC that is can be used for both plane and copter. I want to use max possible UARTs count and pin header solderable board at most. I have some boards in my mind. Matek F405-Wing and Kakute F7. Which is better or what şs your suggestion?

Kakute F7 as a lot of opened issues on copter. You might want to stay away from it. https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/issues/12547

Good day, a good fc is the mro x2.1 777 or the version x2.1 with the MCU F4.
Its a really customizable fc …,flexible in the uart use…etc.

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also as advise by Matt_C mro pixracer is a good fc, but I suggest the x2.1…coz you can solder the cables directly on the board and add the pin headers you need.

and PixhAwk are your best bet here.

Mrobotics’s FCs seems pretty awesome, but they are way more expensive than Matek. So I will prefer Matek F405 Wing. Thanks for the help…

That should really be the 1st question to ask “how much do you want to spend”? <$70 or >$70.

I should write it in the first post. I will spend under 50 dollars. I prefer to spend money on long-range fpv/RC telemetry and battery (18650 at most).

Cheaper flight controllers are not good for the applications you need…

May not completely but still they are good enough as I understand. I want to buy a better flight controller than these are, but sadly that’s not just 2 times priced. It’s 6 times expensive due to currency. Thanks anyway.