Flight Controller recomendation

Hello, Im building my first VTOL, and I wanted some conveniet board so I´m considering a Pixhawk. Theres a large choice, any recomendation for a begginer? Are chinese ones ok?


Holybro and CUAV are both good choices provided you can get the formfactor (size) you want and buy from their own stores and not some online chinese 3rd party. Beware of clones.
For example CUAV have both their own shop and a shopfront in Aliexpress.
Probably both are in eBay and Amazon too.

Ok, and between these any hint?
Pix32, Pix32 v5, Pixhawk mini, Pixhawk 4 mini

I’d suggest you to try Proficnc Cube(black/orange) or mRo control zero F7 or anything from mRo. They provide good quality hardware and good support.

Good day, you can look for a mro control zero f7 as suggested by Mallikarjun SE, you can look also for the new pixracer pro with h7 MCU… will be release soon.
Both are good flight controllers… good form factor and updated sensors

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