Flight controller not getting recognized when updating firmware using Mission Planner

Kind of a weird issue.

  1. Updated Mission planner to latest Beta.


  1. This is an old Autopilot FC pulled out of an old F450 Quad. and I believe its a 2.4.8 V3.

  2. I can easily connect to the the FC, using COM9, but noticed this strange message saying “Legacy FMU”, what does that means? It currently has some older version of Quadcopter Firmware, probably a year old or more.

I want to flash this FC, with Ardu Plane. When you go through the steps, “selected FMUV3” from drop down and Latest Arduplane Firmware and then you unplug the board and plug it back in again, it gives following error message.



tried several times flushing this board but no luck,

Good day, just try flash the firmware manually with the option custom firmware… just check also you have the last drives.
In case you can update also the bootloader of your fc… but take care during this process.

Nothing is working.

I should be selecting Pxk 1 correct if I have 2.4.8 V3 chip set?

What is this new option, inside mission planner, “Install firmware Legacy”?


if you have pixhawk 2.4.8… yes, you must select pixhawk 1 coz is FMUv2.
with firmware legacy you can choose the fc is connected… firmware version… bootloader

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I figured out the problem.

All these issue arise with USB drivers on the computer.

I used a different laptop and I was able to flush it.

This is the 3rd time this has happened. We need a better USB driver solution for windows. As I use my laptop to test like 50 different devices each installing USB drivers, over riding new versions with old ones, makes Windows go Coco.

today, I have a hard time getting the same computer which used to work on the USB connection to CubeOrange and CubeBlue H7, to load the correct USB driver in Windows 10. I have forced the driver to change and reboot the computer many times, but I cannot get the correct driver to sit in properly.

I am not sure why I cannot get the USB driver to override the window recognition this time.

I have to borrow another computer to do the flashing of Arducopter 4.2.3 and set the parameters. Still, I am unable to get my working computer to load the right USB driver.

Those issues usually don’t exist in Linux as the whole USB thing is handled differently.
All my computers have Linux OS on it, but you can simply do a virtual Linux environment and get it connected that way.
…(and it doesn’t cost a cent)

Here is the link for Virtualbox:

And then just pick any Linux flavour you like.

( I personally prefer Kubuntu as it can be set to look like Windows7)

I don’t know what happened, I downloaded the Mon Sep 5 00:54:21 202 driver version and installed and installed repair it, and it resolved it.

Previously I am using Wed Jul 6 06:42:35 2022 version.