Flight Controller Mounting Considerations

If the flight controller is mounted above the COG/COT by more than a couple of inches, can it create stability issues, particularly the propensity to flip?

I used moongel and some thin balsa wood to improve my vibration characteristics, but between the mounting foam (probably 1/2" thick) and the moongel construct (3/4" thick), my flight controller is sitting a solid 2" above the COG.

Could this create problems, or am I still fairly safe?

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Does anyone have any input on this?

Here’s my working theory:

  1. For a battery-on-bottom multirotator, the Center of Gravity is probably a little bit lower than the Center of Thrust – particularly because the motors would sit higher than the base plate which in turn would sit above the battery.

  2. Assuming some sort of vibration control is employed above the base plate, the Flight Controller would most likely sit at or even above the Center of Thrust.

I have a working theory that this is a less stable configuration. I’m beginning to think that the APM needs to be mounted at least at the Center of Thrust and preferably between the Center of Thrust and the Center of Gravity.

Can anyone confirm or contest this statement?

Thank you in advance.

Too bad nobody replied, I’m looking for similar info now…

There’s the INS_POS… parameters if the IMUs are a long way from center of gravity. Generally on a multirotor you cant get the flight controller far enough away from the center to make much difference.
Unless of course you’re making something really big that you should tell us about :slight_smile: