Flight controller for fpv racing

I looking for a flight controller on website, and found this page (http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-choosing-a-flight-controller.html), recommend these FC as below:Pixhawk is highly recommended for general use.Pixracer is recommended for small frames that require no more than 6 PWM outputs.NAVIO+ or Erle-Brain Linux Autopilots should be considered for UAV Vision applications.I know all of them are open-source flight controllers, I also found a helpful page http://www.rcdronegood.com/flight-controller-board-comparison/ listed most of popular FC on the market, also recommend Pixhawk fc for autonomous flying drone. My question is that can Pixhawk FC be used for FPV racing?

If you want with more features go to pixracer. You can find at mrobotics

You can definitely use a Pixhawk or pixracer in a racing frame. A few things to note though:

  1. you’ll need a gps (even in acro, the ekf performs better with than without).
  2. The main outputs on Pixhawk have slightly higher latency than the aux outputs (so use a pixracer or the aux outputs).
  3. You’ll need to put some effort into tuning. There’s a thread here somewhere about that.
  4. No D-shot or multishot support, so use oneshot esc’s.
  5. Even with all that, beta flight will probably still be better for pure racing. It’s optimized for it. D-Ronin is another good option. ArduCopter will do almost everything else better, and work is in train to improve things for small, fast frames, but at the moment it probably isn’t the best option (unless you have other reasons for choosing ArduCopter). That said: more users with ArduCopter on racers is awesome!