Flight controller for 450 clone

Hi all,

I am looking for suggestions for a flight controller (FC) for a 450 clone. I have a FBL 450 clone helicopter that I was running LibrePilot on using CC3D. I want to update the helicopter to an newer FC.

I am using devationtx on a Walkera DEV 10 using OrangeRx r110x DSM2/DSMX (cPPM). (Or using R617XL or R614XN cPPM)

I presume I will need a FC and a GPS/compass. Is there anything else I will need to replace the LibrePilot system what was using CC3D FC?

I have been looking at the Mateksys H746-SLIM. Is that a good replacement?


Im setting up my first heli with a Cube Yellow and mini carrier board. Yes you will need a GPS/compass if you want to fly in any other mode apart from Stab and acro. You will need a power module to power the auto pilot. something like Mauch and Power Brick seam popular. PPM plugs into channel 9 (RC in) on the cube mini carrier board. People are using Matek for helis, I have never used on tho.

Here is a list of supported hardware for Ardupilot

Hey, thanks for the message. I have a mateksys h743 slim that I am going to put into it.

I have another thread going with lot of information and how I am building up a 450 size heli that might be of interest to you.