Flight Board Selection with LTS and Nvidia XT1 Compatibility

I am trying to select a flight board to use for a long term UGV project. I would like to use the Nvidia XT1 as the companion computer.

There is a lot to do so I am looking for an out of the box build. I also need to remain on the community development main branch which I will at some point be contributing to.

Not sure if this is the right subforum but my question is related to choice of flight board. Which board follows to main branch of code that is compatible with Nvidia XT1? One that is certain to have continued support.

I am also concerned about expansion, I need lot’s of ports as every sensor known to nam will be onboard my rover. This requirement ruled out the Erle-Brain. I am looking at the latest pixhawk as I am pretty sure that covers most of what i am looking for. The is also the Beagle Bone Blue. Though I haven’y found much reference to Nvidia XT1 integration. Also, I’ve read the flight stack is ‘beagelpilot’. I know this is PX4 based but is it some offshoot branch that has the potential to be discontinued?

Thank you for any advice that will enable me to get up and running quickly with long term support for both board and code.