Flashing ArduRover to HoloyBro's new Pixhawk 4 board

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently bought a new Pixhawk 4 board from Holybros but I’m unable to flash Ardurover to it.

Using QGroundControl, I’ve tried flashing all five of the latest versions of APMrover that I found here: http://firmware.ardupilot.org/Rover/latest/PX4/

But they all come back with an error message about an incorrect board id.

I’ve seen a similar post about the latest version of ArduCopter not working on the pixhawk 4 as it’s a new board. Would that be the case here? And if it is, does anyone know roughly how long before the pixhawk 4 will be supported by ArduRover?

I’m trying to make a six-wheeled rover with skid steering, which I’m not sure is possible using the PX4 firmware.


Pixhawk 4 is fmu v5. Try http://firmware.ardupilot.org/Rover/latest/fmuv5/

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Yes, as James Pattison says, it should be supported using the bleeding edge firmware and running on ChibiOS (the link that James has provided). If it doesn’t work we can dig in.

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for your help and quick response. I flashed the pixhawk with the firmware you suggested via QGC and although it was successful, I then lost communication between the pixhawk and QGC. I’ve solved this by switching to Mission Planner, which does receive data from the pixhawk.

Thanks again for your help!

@spongespider Did you manage to get ArduRover running on Pixhawk 4 communicating with QGC in the end?

I think the Pixhawk4 may only work with Rover-3.5.0 which has started beta testing. There is one known issue with the RC input parsing on Pixhawk4 though which has only just been fixed so it might be wise to wait for Rover-3.5.0-rc2.