Flash log data types


I’m writing an application that’s parsing the flash log files.
Have been looking, but couldn’t find a definition of the data types/format.

Guessing that “f” stands for float? “h” int? But what about E c B H etc?
Most of them I can parse to double of course, but I’m interested to know the meaning of the characters.

FMT, 131, 27, IMU, ffffff, GyrX,GyrY,GyrZ,AccX,AccY,AccZ
FMT, 5, 49, NTUN, Ecffffffffee, WPDst,WPBrg,PErX,PErY,DVelX,DVelY,VelX,VelY,DAcX,DAcY,DRol,DPit
FMT, 4, 25, CTUN, hcefhhhhh, ThrIn,SonAlt,BarAlt,WPAlt,NavThr,AngBst,CRate,ThrOut,DCRate
FMT, 6, 17, PM, BBBHHIhB, RenCnt,RenBlw,FixCnt,NLon,NLoop,MaxT,PMT,I2CErr

Thanks in advance!

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Here you go: github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/ … ash.h#L103

 There's some discussion on the drones-discuss email group about making automatic log analyzers in case that's of any interest to you.  Andrew Chapman is the one doing most of the work on that.

 best of luck.

Thank you!

Automatic log analysis is definitely something I’m interested in, although my first goal is to get a nice framework and UI to enable manual analysis and we’ll see how it goes from there.

My future plan is to supply a plugin-system that enables others (more experienced in analysis) to write plugins that will detect and display various problems.

I was inspired by the APMLogVisualizer application
diydrones.com/forum/topics/versi … ice-graphs
Was first thinking I would help improve it, but finally decided to write my own application from scratch (WinForms as well).

Regarding automatic log analysis again, please send a link to that discussion (if possible).
I read this a few weeks ago BTW:
diydrones.com/group/arducopterus … lysis-tool

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The latest email from Andrew Chapman is here: groups.google.com/forum/#!topic … Ps47DF7D5w