Flash Firmware via UART (Telem1 or CONS)

Hi everyone, I have a question about ardupilot bootloader. I am using cube orange autopilot in my projects. İs there a solution of upload new firmware from different port?(Telem1, Telem2, CONS{UART5})

Cube Black series autopilot has cons port for upload new firmware via UART5. Cube orange hasn’t cons port because of ADSB specification. I am added the code lines to hwdef-bl.dat file of Cube Orange in AP_HAL_ChibiOS. Then I build the bootloader and plane code according to cube orange hardware. But I could not update FCU code from telem1. 1. Is there a anybody for help me?

No, that is not possible, you need to use the USB connection.

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Why is this not possible? Must we use just defined ports in hwdef file according to FCU type?

This link is related to my topic : Bootloader — Dev documentation

pull request are very welcome.

I have been upload the new firmware via telem1 and cons port when use the CubeBlack FCU. But I dont understand that why dont I upload new firmware with cube orange?