Flamewheel F450 hardware installation

I am building the F450 from the DJI ARF kit. I want to include a HITEC receiver and APM 2.0 autopilot. Studying the diagram on the WIKI raises a couple of (probably stupid) questions.

First, the diagram indicates only 2 motor power leads are connected to the ESC’s. I assume all 3 leads should be connected?

Second, it appears that ESC 5v power leads are connected together, then to something called a “battery connector.” I assume that the 5v leads should be connected either to a BEC or a separate 5v battery pack?

Are my assumptions correct?


not sure which diagram but you are correct I think-
from ESC to motor- 3 wires,
To power the APM code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/APM25Power explains it nicely.
You also should not connect the ESC BEC 5V power lines together and just use one.
For safety reasons I use an external high quality BEC on my big birds (X8) because a failing ESC (if it is the one powering the APM) will not make it crash.
You also can use 2 6V BECs and connect them together with a diode each to get redundant 5,3 V- imho the safest way.

Have a good new year- and always happy landings!

thanks Roman