Fixed Wing to Custom VTOL Migration - Step by Step - an on going project/thread

This project went on hold due to my focus on developing commercial grade VTOL’s for the past 12 months, however I am back to complete this project.


  1. Purchased a cheap fixed wing plane from Ali Express and completely transformed it into a fun VTOL project.
  2. I wanted to apply my electronics design back ground towards simplifying the wiring nightmare around connecting all the electronic components inside a plane.

The fuselage of this plane has been modified to accommodate two pull out tray’s for easy access to all the components.

a) The bottom tray has all the power components for the plane such as forward thrust ESC, power regulators, power monitoring solution (FrySky FLVSS).
b) The top tray accommodates all the intelligence of the plane such as FC, Long range telemetry, and Video RX etc.
c) USB port outside the fuselage for easy programing when needed.

These modification will allow quick access to all the components for troubleshooting and fast repairs when the need arise.


  1. Pixhawk1 (2.4.8) will be used initially.
  2. Forward thrust motor - Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 4250-500KV Brushless Out runner Motor
  3. Hobby Wing Fly fun 80A ESC.
  4. T-MOTOR - MN5208 KV340 Motors.
  5. Hobby Wing XRotor pe 40A ESC’s for motors.
  6. I will be using long range RFD radios as a backup for telemetry, Yaapu will be the primary source for telemetry data using long range Fry Sky TX, RX
  7. DJI Air Unit for Live Video.
  8. Secondary analog video Tx with OSD.
  9. I have modified the plane wings and now its equipped with folding retractable skids for smooth landing.
  10. Payload pickup and drop of off custom mechanism (yet to be shown).
  11. Airspeed sensor.

More to follow as I begin the programing of the plane for its first flight.

Feel free to chime in and share your experiences or ask any questions.


Maybe it is me but i don’t get it. If you developed commercial grade VTOLs for the last year, why going back to this cheap foamy? Show us the commercial ones :slight_smile:

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Hey, I was thinking of following along. I went looking for that plane on Ali Express but there are so many and I couldn’t find it.

I would 3D print my parts.


Hi Mike,

Here you can buy it. See link below. $119 dollars.

For Quad motors, I had to think outside the box and used carbon fiber tubes, T-Motor mounts and figured out a method to mount them on the plane wing as well as the elevator/ruder part.

If you decide to go with my design, I can show you later how to make it work.

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There is a good blog on the SkyHunter Mini (TriCopter) here: