Fixed-Wing Automation - Elanus Duo

Powered by Ardupilot and the Cube mini flight controller, the Elanus Duo is a result of the awesome advice given on this forum. It has taken a while to come to fruition, but here is a compilation of the footage that I’ve shot over the last year.

2.5+ hours with mapping payloads over 1kg. Hand launch, automatic reverse thrust landing, and terrain following. Ardupilot ROCKS!


Very cool Nathan, a lot of work went into that.
thanks for sharing your know how with the community!

what is the difference between ne NR and LR model? LION battery?
would be cool to have a bit more information on your website for customers

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I’ll work on adding the info. Right now li-ion batteries, FOC ESC’s, and long range radios.

awesome, nathan, thanks for sharing!

Awesome work Nathan!

Keep it up!

Thanks for choosing the Cube!

Nathan !

This is a fine example how a business can benefit from an open source project, and meanwhile adding back value for the community (I just run though your previous posts here.)
(In contrary to “businesses” who goes without any understanding of the components and constantly whining about errors…or making rookie mistakes and blame it on the developers. I saw a couple of those in the recent months here…)

The Believer is a fine airframe and a perfect match with the CUBE. Hope your business will thrive !


Good luck Nathan, nice presentation :slight_smile:

Great video and website too. Besides of luck, hope you sell a ZILLION

Looks great… love the hand launches

Balanced design leads to improved flight performance - well done, Nathan. I totally agree on the smooth and easy hand launches, however, belly landing in rough terrain is still somehow “an issue” if you carry expensive payloads. I’m looking forward to your plans in long endurance mapping VTOLs - at least for the landings… :slight_smile:

The market already has a few VTOL plane options made using the Believer and Crosswind platforms. A low-end solution could be found here: Believer VTOL.