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Fixed Wind RC - first flight support needed - London, UK

Hello All,

Just a quick one. I am looking for someone to meet up and fly my Fixed Wing RC for the first time. I have been flying on my simulator for some time already and I would like to give it a go! I will need a little bit of support with this first flight but also with trimming and setting up expo on my Taranis radio.

Anyone available to fly with me? You can get in touch in here or vie email @:

I am flexible and can meet up anytime/any date.
Thanks a lot!

Any reason for not going to a club?

Hello Riben,

Thanks for your message.

Can you recommend one? I started looking this week but its quite hard to find one as they meet very rarely. I messaged a few already as well.


[Edited because i didn’t see the title!]
I guess knowing if you’re in the north or south of london helps a bit. I’m at the south west and am very happy to just help. i’ve got no expirience with fixed wings, but maybe it helps to just chat to somebody in person.

There are enough clubs though. Might not be great, but the best option i think. I do see a lack of shops in london!

Hi Ruben,

Thanks for your quick answer.
I checked BMFA assoc. along with all the clubs - its so hard to get in touch with them and they meet very rarely. I will email all of them anyway and will keep trying.
Its so hard to find someone. Are you experienced in motors tho?


Well, i did a lot of Nitro R/C car racing in the past. I’ve also done electric car racing and now doing quad drones and a heli (hover only :-))

I’m in Surrey - might be close!

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